8 new Lunacy features to boost your productivity

4 min readMar 21, 2022


Lunacy has everything designers use in other similar apps. But routine tasks will take less effort. We know how minimizing the number of clicks or keypresses saves hours. So we’ve added a few tiny features to boost your productivity in the long run.

Smart layer positioning

When you create a new, larger layer over smaller ones, Lunacy automatically sends this layer to the back. It helps you to create backgrounds faster. The feature works both with shapes and images.

Text color adjustment

When you create a text box, Lunacy automatically sets the font color to black or white depending on the background color to save you another couple of clicks.

Clicking through empty areas

In the previous versions, if you had a group of separated layers overlapping another layer, you had to do it through the layer tree to select this lower layer. Or you had to move the group aside, edit the layer as needed, and then set the group back to its place.
Now, to select the required layer, you can simply click through the empty areas.

The same refers to separate layers. Think of stars or triangles with lots of empty space inside their rectangular bounding boxes. Or images with removed backgrounds. Now, Lunacy ignores all those empty pixels.

Easier font and color management

Now, the Inspector shows all fonts and colors of currently selected layers. It lets you quickly view all font and color properties of a selection and edit them, if necessary.

Auto font size

Lunacy automatically adjusts the font size depending on the size of the text block as you drag it. It guesses if you’re creating a heading, subheading, or paragraph. Just play around with the feature a bit to see how it works.

Automatic naming for color variables

Another time-saver. When you create a color variable, Lunacy automatically sets the variable’s name. Of course, you can change it if you want. But do you really want to mess with it?

Quick editing of layer and text styles

You no longer have to worry about saving layers and text styles changes. Lunacy now applies and saves changes on the fly.

Seeing what you’re adding to the canvas

Now, when you draw artboards and shapes or create text blocks, you immediately see the artboards, shapes, and text. Way better than seeing contours or bounding boxes, right?

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About the authors: Alex S, marketing and technical writer for Icons8, and Julia G, QA engineer for the Lunacy team.




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