Have you ever looked through a piece of colored glass? It literally changes the world around you! That’s what these new icons are about.

Meet our Color Glass style, a set of neat geometric icons that will fit any friendly design. They’re bright and simple, like a happy childhood full of light, colors, and joy.

– 1,800 hand-crafted icons
– 50+ popular topics
– 100% charge of good vibes

You can grab any icon as is or recolor it right on our website to get a brand new look… or a green cat and a purple dog.

Use free PNGs for a link or purchase a subscription to get all the sizes and SVGs and forget about the links.

Join us on Producthunt.com or check Color Glass Icons on our website.

Meet 150 brand-new high-quality illustrations covering the popular categories:
– people
– business
– education

Unleash your creativity and play around with elements to create your own unique 3D stories.

Join us on Producthunt.com or check 3D Flame style illustrations on our website.

Like many of you reading this, I’m a designer with lots of other stuff on my plate. I start my day by tinkering with a website concept. Then I brainstorm brand strategy and nerd out on my typeface. And that’s only half of it.

I use every possibility to automate my routine and work smarter, not harder. And removing backgrounds is a draining part of the design work I have to deal with. So I got excited when I discovered background removers. But will any of them manage without requiring me to patch up mistakes? Is there something too hard…

Classical music is about delicate instrumental musical forms like the concerto, symphony, sonata, etc. But it’s not only about concerts in philharmonic. Let’s look at examples of using classical music in movies and commercials and point out the patterns you can use while creating your videos.

Classical Music in Movies


Surprisingly, classical music is the best choice for horror movies. No other genre can emphasize the sinister and disturbing atmosphere like good old classics. Like no other genre, it conveys the thrill of the action. And here, the music and the picture on the screen must be proportionate and developing at the same time…

Posters are one of the most effective ways to deliver ideas, express yourself, or have fun. By following this tutorial, you will create a nice poster in Lunacy, free graphic software.

If you are more of a visual learner, you can watch the video version at:

The recipe is simple:

So let’s get started!

Launch Lunacy and create a new document.

3D illustrations are a craze that is not slowing down. One look at these 3D people and you can see why. These illustrations are pin-sharp and impressively detailed, perfect for main landing page graphics. Quickly inject modern styling into your project with our full release of 3D humans. Choose from rendered compositions or get creative on your own. These graphics are free to use if you provide a link back to us, or grab a pro license to unlock infinite customization.

Featuring fun expressive people in common situations perfect for telling your business story:
– Grabbing a coffee
– Reactions and…

We are excited to finally release our full set of animated icons! Our designers have been at work creating full-motion icons for the last year, making sure that all the little details look stunning. These animations are designed to complement and enhance your project, engaging users in a way that static graphics simply can’t.

🎨 Styles to match your needs
– 20 different styles for easy integration
– All new popular styles: Material Outline, Fluent Systems, iOS, Color, and Plumpy!

📚 A complete, consistent animation library
– 3,176 unique hand-made animations
– Cover all your use cases: from e-commerce, weather, social…

Icons8 native plugin for Adobe is live! It allows you to get access over 125K beautiful icons without leaving your Adobe tools in the design process.

We are glad to announce that all the Icons8 library is now available for designers working with Adobe tools.

Now it’s even easier to eliminate distractions by finding beautiful icons without leaving Illustrator or Photoshop in your design process.

This native plugin gives you access to all of our consistent graphics without breaking your concentration.

Icons8 team continues its way on a mission to provide creative people with professional, consistent design assets no…

The Icons8 team has released a new icon style. Meet Fluent icons, bright, consistent and professional pack of flat graphics with full coverage of topics.

A full set of almost 1000 icons that are Fluent in your design language are now live and available in various formats. Get them free for a link or grab an Icons8 Pro subscription to get crisp SVG icons.

These consistent icons are inspired by Microsoft Fluent Design and perfect to use across apps, presentations, websites, and infographics.

Join the release party on Product Hunt and let us know what you think.

Icons8 has released a new online tool powered by AI: Smart Upscaler helps users to enlarge small images and improve their quality easily.

Smart Upscaler is the shortcut to getting images of low quality bigger and better with the help of machine learning. Users get integrate sharpening, noise reduction, and upscaling all through our fully-automated process. Making your assets and user content pop has never been easier.

Do you ever find the perfect picture, but it is just too small or grainy to use? Well, with a little help from AI we can solve this without a hint of…


Get 120K+ icons in the needed format, size and color. We add new designs daily. As well as photos, music, vectors, tools, and articles. https://icons8.com/

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